NYIOP Audition Day

R&P and I at the BAA/RAS Dec 2013...

Fairly cool day on Saturday, sunny weather not withstanding. Up early warming up and then in to London on the train to do an NYIOP audition at Rudolf Steiner House with the amazing Paul Plummer accompanying. I have been getting over a cold and but these NYIOP things don't come cheap so I didn't cancel and think I escaped with my honour intact. I actually felt the audition went rather well. For the second outing in a row (previously the ROH) the panel went for my two big bad boy arias (Telramund & Michele from Tabarro) which plays to my strength. Thought I'd be nervous as I haven't been working much recently but in fact the break has been good. I feel like I've let go of a fair bit of peripheral angst and remembered a bit more what I have to offer the singing world. Nice to see James Black at the audition, that man puts in the hours that's for sure!

Afterwards I met my Dad recently arrived from Australia and my Uncle and Aunt up from Devon, grabbed some lunch and then went to the British Astronomical Association's Christmas Lecture about the PANSTARR survey telescope in Hawaii. Met Will O'Brein from Baugé there, a pretty large representation of the total number of London baritones into astronomy I reckon.

Legged it back to Faversham in the evening to the Faversham Choral Society concert in which no less than 8 of my close family members were performing. Adelaide's little group sang HOT CHOCOLATE!