Noelle Barker's Memorial Concert

Yesterday at the RAM Duke's Hall there was a celebration of the contribution Noelle Barker made to music and of her many accomplishements. I had singing lessons with her for 6 years and can testify she was the most marvellous person and excellent teacher... she was one classy lady. It was appropriately an afternoon of eulogy and I couldn't help but think the collection of very nice and talented (self excepted!) people there were in the best possible way a reflection of the great lady herself. The most moving part of the concert for me was when a couple of Noelle's grandchildren played. It was fortunate for me that a guy came up afterwards and made quite an amusing speech otherwise my own small musical contribution which was to follow may have been a complete shambles. Thank you to Noelle's daughter Belinda and all the other fine people who organised everything, a meeting of old friends to celebrate the life of a very special lady.